Sugden Audio 50-Year Anniversary (1967-2017)

Sugden celebrates its 50-year Anniversary this year. Today: Before we acknowledge this magnificent company’s heritage it is important to look at its current directors/owners who bought the company from its founder James Edward Sugden in 1981.  After the handover James Sugden was involved with the company up to his retirement. The current managing director Patrick […]

Sugden Grande Pure Class ‘A’ Monaural Power Amplifiers

Sugden Grande Pure Class ‘A’ Monaural Power Amplifiers The Sugden Grande Amplifier is a Mono Block Amplifier operating in Pure Class ‘A’ mode (there are two Grande amplifiers for stereo reproduction). Each mono block houses dual matched amplifiers with the output stages in the floating bridged mode. The amplifiers are best described as instrumentation, class […]

DreamVision Helios True 4K Laser Home Cinema Projector

DreamVision Helios True 4K Laser Home Cinema Projector Raising the standards of picture quality The newly developed three-chip system is based on a trio of DCI-4K panels at a native resolution of 4096×2160 pixels with an incredible contrast ratio. The HELIOS is also certified as THX 4K display. This certification is to identify displays that […]

Stemfoort SFCD-200 Compact Disc Player

Stemfoort SFCD-200 Compact Disc Player The SFCD-200 is designed to complement the Stemfoort SF-200 Passive Line Power Amplifier. Utilising a high speed transport mechanism and on board memory, the SFCD-200 is a technically advanced CD player. To reduce jitter and control errors during play back there is a dedicated transceiver circuit, this re-formats data prior […]

Stemfoort SF-200 Passive Line Power Amplifier

Stemfoort SF-200 Passive Line Power Amplifier Handmade by a team of dedicated audio enthusiasts, the SF-200 offers excellent build quality and superb sound. Utilising straight line technology and providing the most direct signal path from your music source to loudspeaker system. The SF-200 is a passive line power amplifier offering a direct signal path for […]

DreamVision Very BEST 3D Passive System Kit

Unprecedented optimized 3D picture The Very BEST 3D Passive system kit is a renewed optimised polarisation modulator with even higher picture clarity and the fastest switching speed on the market. Thanks to the larger redesigned window, it is now possible to watch passive 3D pictures in the true cinemascope format using the best anamorphic lens […]

DreamVision PHT-W4 Active Subwoofer

DreamVision PHT-W4 Active Subwoofer Discrete and powerful The PHT-W4 speaker is a key element when it comes to watching movies, action movies in particular, thanks to its deep bass range of 30Hz – 200Hz. Since this subwoofer will be more than often installed in a living-room, it has also been tuned for listening music. The […]

Graham Audio System 3D Loudspeaker

Graham Audio System 3D Loudspeakers Graham Audio are currently working with the Royal Opera House Covent Garden who have commissioned a bespoke passive speaker system of the highest quality. Graham Audio again turned to Derek Hughes to co-design a 4 box high resolution speaker system capable of being driven by any amplifier that will provide […]

Graham Audio LS5/8 BBC Licensed Grade One Monitor Loudspeaker

Graham Audio LS5/8 Grade One BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker Graham Audio announces the worldwide release of its BBC Licensed LS5/8 Grade One monitor loudspeaker. Designed in conjunction with Derek Hughes and Volt loudspeakers the high resolution two way passive loudspeaker features a bespoke 12 inch bass/mid unit and legendary Audax tweeter matched to a handcrafted crossover […]

DreamVision Pro UST25-4000HDi Ultra-Short Throw Laser HD Projector

  DreamVision Pro UST25-4000HDi Ultra-Short Throw Laser HD Projector The World’s first ultra-short throw laser HD projector on the market. This laser projector which combines amazing performance and unique features is the ultimate solution for schools, museums, offices, point of sale, sports bars, control rooms, yachts, hotels and residential living rooms. The UST25-4000HDi is remarkable […]