Graham Audio LS8/1

Graham Audio LS8/1

The present design is based on the BBC version of the LS3/6.

The LS8/1 has its roots as a design in research by the BBC into alternatives to paper cone bass drivers in the late 1960’s, and particularly the work done on the LS5/5 loudspeakers which Graham Audio also produce.

The design keeps the fundamentals of the original LS3/6 design intact uses modern techniques to improve on sensitivity and power handling particularly in the bass region, which was the original speaker’s main weak area.

The LS8/1 is a modern classic of the BBC tradition and heritage.


System: 3-Way Reflex

Cabinet: Thin wall construction (critically damped) Birch plywood

Finish: Real wood Veneer

Dimensions: H63.5cm x W30cm x D30cm

Weight: 17kg

Response: 45Hz~20kHz +/-3dB

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms

Sensitivity: 87dB SPL (2.83V, 1m)

Maximum Output: Over 100dB for a pair @ 2m

Bass/Midrange: 200mm

Tweeters: 26mm Soft dome, 19mm Soft dome

Crossover: 3.5kHz, 14kHz

Recommended Amplifier Power: 50 to 250 watts unclipped programme.

Recommended Retail Price: Excludes stands.

Teak Finish – AUD$ 20,500.00.

Cherry or Oak – AUD$ 20,500.00.

Walnut – AUD$ 21,450.00.

Rosewood – AUD$ 21,450.00.

Ebony Macassar – AUD$ 22,100.00.

LS8/1 Monitor Loudspeaker Stands – AUD$ 4,695.00.

LS8/1 with magnetic grille

LS8/1 without grille

LS8/1 Back panel finished in Teak veneer

LS8/1 drivers: Tweeters: 26mm Soft dome & 19mm Soft dome. Bass/Midrange: 200mm