DreamVision PHT Series

DreamVision PHT-W4 Active Subwoofer

DreamVision PHT-W4 Active Subwoofer Discrete and powerful The PHT-W4 speaker is a key element when it comes to watching movies, action movies in particular, thanks to its deep bass range of 30Hz – 200Hz. Since this subwoofer will be more than often installed in a living-room, it has also been tuned for listening music. The […]

DreamVision PHT X Series Cinema Loudspeakers

DreamVision PHT X Series Cinema Loudspeakers The PHT Series are dedicated cinema standard loudspeakers designed to accommodate the massive dynamic range of home cinema sources.  Therefore, the design approach is quite different to conventional two-channel audio loudspeakers used for music only sources. In order to achieve the dynamic range required DreamVision has developed a transducer […]