Graham Audio LS5/5 Monitor Loudspeaker

Graham Audio LS5/5 Monitor Loudspeaker


This is a message from Derek Hughes, designer, Graham Audio, to give you an insight into how the LS5/5 unconventional slots work:

“All drive units are omnidirectional at low frequencies, and have an increasingly narrow dispersion (beam width) as the frequency increases.

This means that at the crossover frequency, there will often be a reduction in the response to the sides of the speaker, and then an increase above the crossover frequency, as the smaller driver has a wider dispersion.

To reduce this effect, the LS5/5 uses slots in front of the LF & MR drivers.

The slot makes the drives perform as if it was a narrower source, giving it a wider dispersion, thus leading to a more uniform response off axis.

This is particularly advantageous where there are several listeners as it widens area where the response is smooth.

There is a limit to how narrow the slot can be in order to avoid resonant cavities behind it, giving dips in the response, so the slot width is such that these resonances occur above the crossover frequency.”


System: 3 way reflex loading.

Enclosure: Thin wall damped construction.

Finish: Real wood veneer.

Dimensions: 70cm (h) x 36cm (w) x 48cm (d) (including plinth).

Weight: 35.5 kg each.

Frequency Response: 40-20kHz +/-2dB.

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms.

Sensitivity: 88dB/2.83v/1m.

Maximum Output: Over 104dB for a pair at 2m.

Bass: Long Throw 300mm.

Midrange: 200mm.

High Frequency: 25mm Soft Dome tweeter.

Recommended Amplifier Power: 50 – 200 watts unclipped programme.

Recommended Retail Prices:

Cherry or Oak Finish – AUD$ 28,400.00

Walnut Finish – AUD$ 30,400.00.

Rosewood Finish – AUD$ 30,400.00.

Ebony Macassar Finish – AUD$ 31,400.00.

LS5/5 Loudspeaker Stands – AUD$ 4,495.00.

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