Graham Audio LS8/1

Graham Audio LS8/1 The present design is based on the BBC version of the LS3/6. The LS8/1 has its roots as a design in research by the BBC into alternatives to paper cone bass drivers in the late 1960’s, and particularly the work done on the LS5/5 loudspeakers which Graham Audio also produce. The design […]

DreamVision Eos Series Retina Projectors

News: January 2019 The Eos Series  are true 4K performers, that means that they come equipped with a three-chip light engine of 4096 x 2160 pixels and even the Eos Signature comes with an exclusive 8K up-scaling algorithm that can display resolutions up to 8192 x 4320 pixels. DreamVision also chose the most advanced manufacturing process […]

Sugden Audio Masterclass ANV-50 Integrated Amplifier

Sugden Masterclass ANV-50 Integrated Amplifier The Masterclass ANV-50 is a new amplifier released to celebrate Sugden Audio’s fiftieth anniversary. It is a unique design with many innovative features and specially developed audio circuits. In 1967 Sugden released the world’s first solid state pure class ‘A’ amplifier, the A21.  The ANV-50 promises to revisit this golden […]

DreamVision Siglos X-TRA 4K UHD HDR 3D Home Cinema Projectors

News: January 2018 DreamVision releases the new Siglos X-TRA 4K UHD HDR 3D Home Cinema Projectors. The DreamVision Siglos X-TRA can be ordered in any custom RAL paint colour to perfectly match your interior design. The small details that make a big difference Each unit is double checked and calibrated by DreamVision’s video engineer who […]

Sugden Audio 50-Year Anniversary (1967-2017)

Sugden celebrates its 50-year Anniversary this year. Sugden Audio today: Before we acknowledge this magnificent company’s heritage it is important to look at its current directors/owners who bought the company from its founder James Edward Sugden in 1981.  After the handover James Sugden was involved with the company up to his retirement. The current managing […]

DreamVision Helios True 4K Laser Home Cinema Projector

DreamVision Helios True 4K Laser Home Cinema Projector Raising the standards of picture quality The newly developed three-chip system is based on a trio of DCI-4K panels at a native resolution of 4096×2160 pixels with an incredible contrast ratio. The HELIOS is also certified as THX 4K display. This certification is to identify displays that […]

DreamVision PHT-W4 Active Subwoofer

DreamVision PHT-W4 Active Subwoofer Discrete and powerful The PHT-W4 speaker is a key element when it comes to watching movies, action movies in particular, thanks to its deep bass range of 30Hz – 200Hz. Since this subwoofer will be more than often installed in a living-room, it has also been tuned for listening music. The […]

DreamVision Pro UST25-4000HDi Ultra-Short Throw Laser HD Projector

  DreamVision Pro UST25-4000HDi Ultra-Short Throw Laser HD Projector The World’s first ultra-short throw laser HD projector on the market. This laser projector which combines amazing performance and unique features is the ultimate solution for schools, museums, offices, point of sale, sports bars, control rooms, yachts, hotels and residential living rooms. The UST25-4000HDi is remarkable […]

DreamVision Dreamy Geek II

DreamVision Dreamy Geek II – Versatile & Portable HD Projector Compact and powerful The Dreamy Geek II is the proud successor of the Dreamy Series. Its specifications have been drastically boosted: bringing to this high contrast DLP projector both high quality 3D and H.265/HEVC video playback, Bluetooth 4.0 connection, dual-band WiFi, brighter LEDs within a […]

DreamVision Siglos BEST IV Passive Series: WORLD FIRST 5D PROJECTOR

  DreamVision Siglos BEST IV Passive 3D 4K Home Cinema Projector Three years after the first version, DreamVision improves its Passive 3D projection solution once again DreamVision releases the Siglos BEST IV – 3D Passive Series projector range.  The B.E.S.T. (Bi-level Efficiency Stereo Transmitter) module is the third version of this passive 3D solution which […]