Stemfoort Audio


“Naturally Dynamic”


Designed and handmade in Britain

Stemfoort Audio started manufacturing high-end audio components in 1985 and was a partnership between a recording engineer and a small group of enthusiasts and audio designers. Two Pure Class ‘A’ power amplifiers were the first Stemfoort products to be developed, these were bespoke and made to order. A line pre-amplifier and PA-10 phono amplifier were later added to complete the range.

J E Sugden & Co Ltd acquired the company in 1988 and launched a high power integrated Stemfoort amplifier called the LPA-10. The LPA-10 utilised a special power supply that enabled the production of a very slim designed integrated amplifier producing 150 watts per channel. Two further integrated amplifiers followed, the SF-60 and SF-100, and were a great commercial success around the world.

In 2016 to celebrate 30 years of Stemfoort Audio it has recently released the SF-200 Passive Line Amplifier and SFCD-200 Compact Disc Player.

The original founder of Stemfoort Audio is still an active and valuable technical director of the company today and designer of the new SF-200’s unique circuits.

Stemfoort products are designed and individually handmade in Britain at J E Sugden & Co Ltd. A rigorous and continuous test procedure is carried out during construction, this includes: sub assembly test, circuit board test, built chassis test and final bench and specification test.

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>> The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications or design of its products at any time without notice.