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Graham Audio LS8/1

Graham Audio LS8/1 The present design is based on the BBC version of the LS3/6. The LS8/1 has its roots as a design in research by the BBC into alternatives to paper cone bass drivers in the late 1960’s, and particularly the work done on the LS5/5 loudspeakers which Graham Audio also produce. The design […]

Graham Audio LS5/1 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

The Graham Audio LS5/1 preceeded the classic LS5/1, and used commercially available drive units from Plessey and GEC. Two tweeters were required to achieve the required power handling. In the case of the LS5/1 – but not the OB version (the LS3/1, which was smaller, used a sealed enclosure and placed the tweeters in front […]

Graham Audio Slotted Baffles

Mounting drive units behind slots This technique is rarely seen today, but many decades ago it was widely used by the BBC and others. The results are surprisingly effective, but their operation is highly counter-intuitive. What problems are the slots addressing? At low frequencies, a drive unit will radiate sound widely. However, as you go […]

Graham Audio LS5/5 Monitor Loudspeaker

  This is a message from Derek Hughes, designer, Graham Audio, to give you an insight into how the LS5/5 unconventional slots work: “All drive units are omnidirectional at low frequencies, and have an increasingly narrow dispersion (beam width) as the frequency increases. This means that at the crossover frequency, there will often be a […]

Graham Audio LS5/9f Floor Standing Loudspeaker

The new two-way reflex LS5/9f was developed by Derek Hughes for Graham Audio from the experience gained recreating the LS5/9 BBC Monitor.  The LS5/9f meets the popular demand for a precision monitor loudspeaker but in a floor standing version. Built to the same exacting BBC standards, the LS5/9f is created using the damped thin wall […]

Graham Audio Votu 3-Way Reflex Loading

Graham Audio Votu 3-Way Reflex Loading Building on the research and development that delivered the bespoke System 3D – a high quality professional sound reinforcement loudspeaker originally designed for the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London – the Votu brings new levels of refinement and authority to the discerning home enthusiast or professional user […]

Graham Audio LS5/8 BBC Licensed Grade One Monitor Loudspeaker

Graham Audio LS5/8 Grade One BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker Graham Audio announces the worldwide release of its BBC Licensed LS5/8 Grade One monitor loudspeaker. Designed in conjunction with Derek Hughes and Volt loudspeakers the high resolution two way passive loudspeaker features a bespoke 12 inch bass/mid unit and legendary Audax tweeter matched to a handcrafted crossover […]

Graham Audio LS5/9 BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker

Graham Audio LS5/9 BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker The Graham Audio LS5/9 is hand made at its South Devon facility in the United Kingdom. All components are sourced from the UK and Europe. The tweeter is the latest version of the 34mm soft dome unit from French manufacturer Audax that was originally specified by the BBC. […]