Theatre System Kit

Theatre System


Theatre System Kit

Ultimate all-in-one Solution

The THEATRE System is the ultimate all-in-one solution for the uncrompromising cinephiles who want to watch Cinemascope® movies in their original cinemascope format without the useless black bars.

No more black Bars

Get rid of the black bars on top and bottom of the picture with the Theatre System Kit. No more loss of brightness and no more waste of pixels. Just sit comfortably, relax and enjoy the show, in pure Cinemascope® format.


Motorised arm

The Theatre System kit comes with a proprietary motorisation and an optically first-class anamoprhic lens directly controlled by the projector remote control when connected to any Inti or Starlight projector.

Intelligent Control

Once connected to the dedicated port, the Theatre System Kit lens will be automatically engaged when cinemascope format is selected. One time configuration only is requiered.

Long lasting materials

The material used are selected and directly shaped at the factory with high precision machines to ensure the highest reliability and long time working system.

Theatre Anamorphic Lens

The exclusive spherical lens features an height-turns precise focus adjustment ring and full-glass elements for a stunning, crisp and sharp picture at any configuration setup with your projector.

Anamorphic Lens

Recommended Retail Price – AUD$11,995.00. (Contains highest quality anamorphic lens, fixation and motorisation)

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