Edge™ 1.1

EDGE ™ 1.1

Edge™1.1’s features include

  • A new liquid crystal (STN) allowing higher brightness, more natural colors and enhanced durability
  • A light frame weighting only 58gr (2oz)
  • An inexpensive off-the-shelf battery (CR2032) for an uninterrupted 50h projection
  • Removable arms to fit various head sizes including kids
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Easy fit over prescription glasses
3D made simple

The DLP-Link is very simple and easy to use because it doesn’t require any additional device besides a compatible DLP projector or TV. Developped by Texas Instruments, the transmission technique doesn’t require an additional emitter for 3D datas and is widely supported by the latest 3D DLP TVs and projectors

Long lasting materials

The material used are selected and directly shaped at the factory to ensure the highest reliability and long time working glasses.


With more than 50 DLP projector models available on the market, the professionals in education, architecture, communications and engineering will be able to use 3D images to enhance and to improve the quality of their presentation.

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Recommended Retail Price – AUD$TBA.

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