Chartwell LS3 Monitor Loudspeaker

Chartwell LS3 Monitor Loudspeaker The new compact monitor from Graham Audio, the LS3 is a similar size to the classic LS3/5 and LS3/5A, but uses modern drive units in a sleek cabinet finished in high gloss paint that compliments any interior style. The bass driver is a newly developed unit that uses a polypropylene diaphragm […]

Chartwell SUB3 Passive Sub-Woofer

Chartwell SUB3 Passive Sub-Woofer (Supplied in pairs) The SUB3 is a sub-woofer designed to compliment the Chartwell LS3/5 and LS3/5A, but it is also applicable to other designs of similar sensitivity and impedance. Designed by Derek Hughes, it employs a novel bass loading technique to achieve extension down to 35Hz in a compact enclosure. They […]

Chartwell LS6/f Floor-Standing Loudspeaker

Chartwell LS6/f Floor-Standing Loudspeaker Building on the success of the popular LS6 monitor, the LS6/f is a floor-standing loudspeaker system that combines a modern aesthetic with the open, uncoloured sound you would expect from a Chartwell. The integrated plinth provides a flow-optimised path for the airflow from the port, reducing distortion at high outputs. The […]

Chartwell LS3/5A BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker

Chartwell LS3/5A BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker  The LS3/5A was produced by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Designs Department in response to detail changes in the performance of the drive units that were originally chosen for the LS3/5 as designed by BBC Research and Development. It is the most well-known of all the BBC loudspeakers, and remains […]

Chartwell LS6 Monitor Loudspeaker

Chartwell LS6 Monitor Loudspeaker Following the success of the Chartwell LS3/5 and Graham Audio LS5/9, it was decided to develop a speaker that had the smoothness of both with the extension and power handling of the LS5/9, but in a more compact cabinet. The result is the Chartwell LS6 designed by Derek Hughes.  It is […]

Chartwell LS3/5 BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker

Chartwell LS3/5 BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker  Graham Audio has purchased the CHARTWELL and SWISSTONE Companies. The famous Chartwell brand were historically regarded as the finest builders of the BBC LS3/5A speakers and their products are the most sort after of all the licensees who built the brilliant LS3/5A Graham Audio is manufacturing the most famous of all […]