DreamVision – Australia

News: April 2012 Neophonics are proud to announce its appointment as the distributor for DreamVision products in Australia. DreamVision are manufacturers of outstanding video projectors.  The current Inti+ Series are Full High Definition 3D Home Cinema projectors. DreamVision is located in Paris and managed by Jean-Claude Younes.  The company was conceived in 1982, being the first […]

Sugden Audio A21SE Stage Two MM/MC Phono Amplifier

Sugden A21SE Stage Two Moving Magnet & Moving Coil Phono Amplifier The Stage Two offers true high-end phono amplification in a compact, heavy weight, minimalist two box design.  Separating the amplification from the power supply helps reduce interference and increase resistance to pick-up noise. The single input accepts both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges. […]

Sugden Audio CD21 Series 2 Precision Compact Disc Player

Sugden CD21 Series 2 Precision Compact Disc Player The Sugden CD21 Precision Compact Disc Player has been specially developed to allow the listener to take advantage of the musical prowess of the Sugden A21a Pure Class ‘A’ Integrated Amplifier.  It is designed with music in mind not ‘bells and whistles’. Corner stoned by a Sugden-modified […]

Sugden Audio Mystro Compact Disc Player

Sugden Mystro Compact Disc Player The Mystro Compact Disc Player is based on the CD21 (as partnered with the A21a Series 2 amplifier).  It differs in it has no digital output, so will not be suitable for use with a DAC.  However, in no way is that a disadvantage as a simple circuit removal does […]