Sugden Discontinued Products

Sugden Audio CD21SE Special Edition Cascode Current Compact Disc Player

Sugden CD21SE Special Edition Cascode Current Compact Disc Player. The CD21SE Compact Disc Player has been designed to partner the Sugden A21SE Pure Class ‘A’ Integrated Amplifier, with a sound that delivers the naturalness of an analogue source.  Careful attention has been given to isolating the digital and analogue stages. The CD21SE uses a dedicated compact […]

Sugden Audio A21SE Special Edition Pure Class ‘A’ Integrated Amplifier

Sugden A21SE Special Edition Remote Volume Pure Class ‘A’ Integrated Amplifier (Line) – 30 Watts The A21SE Integrated Amplifier is a single ended solid-state pure class ‘A’ design.  The pre-amplifier has a cascode input stage, current feedback with the input and output being in phase.  Other design points include high input impedance, high voltage gain […]

Sugden Audio A21a Series 2 Pure Class ‘A’ Integrated Amplifier

Sugden A21a Series 2 Remote Volume Pure Class ‘A’ Integrated Amplifier – 23 watts The Sugden A21a Pure Class ‘A’ Integrated Amplifier has a lineage stretching back nearly 50 years. In 1964 James Edward Sugden designed and produced the worlds first commercially available solid state pure Class ‘A’ amplifier the A21.The initial A21 was sold […]

Sugden Audio LS21 Floor Standing Loudspeakers

Sugden LS21 Two-way tuned quarter wave design floor standing loudspeakers Undoubtably the world’s best quarter wave loudspeakers. The Sugden LS21 loudspeaker like all Sugden products is handcrafted in the West Yorkshire, England factory by a team of highly skilled and dedicated enthusiasts. Overview The LS21 is a tuned quarter wave design and uses a treble […]

Sugden Audio Mystro Compact Disc Player

Sugden Mystro Compact Disc Player The Mystro Compact Disc Player is based on the CD21 (as partnered with the A21a Series 2 amplifier).  It differs in it has no digital output, so will not be suitable for use with a DAC.  However, in no way is that a disadvantage as a simple circuit removal does […]