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Chartwell LS3 Monitor Loudspeaker

Chartwell LS3 Monitor Loudspeaker The new compact monitor from Graham Audio, the LS3 is a similar size to the classic LS3/5 and LS3/5A, but uses modern drive units in a sleek cabinet finished in high gloss paint that compliments any interior style. The bass driver is a newly developed unit that uses a polypropylene diaphragm […]

Graham Audio LS8/1

Graham Audio LS8/1 The present design is based on the BBC version of the LS3/6. The LS8/1 has its roots as a design in research by the BBC into alternatives to paper cone bass drivers in the late 1960’s, and particularly the work done on the LS5/5 loudspeakers which Graham Audio also produce. The design […]

Swisstone LS3 Monitor Loudspeaker

Swisstone LS3 Monitor Loudspeaker The Swisstone LS3 Monitor Loudspeaker is a two-way small sealed box designed by Derek Hughes and inspired by the classic BBC lines. Handmade in England with English-European components it is a stunning entry level monitor with similar sound to an LS3/5 and LS3/5a BBC monitor. Swisstone LS3 Specifications System: 2 Way […]

Chartwell LS3/5A BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker

Chartwell LS3/5A BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker  The LS3/5A was produced by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Designs Department in response to detail changes in the performance of the drive units that were originally chosen for the LS3/5 as designed by BBC Research and Development. It is the most well-known of all the BBC loudspeakers, and remains […]

Graham Audio LS5/8 BBC Licensed Grade One Monitor Loudspeaker

Graham Audio LS5/8 Grade One BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker Graham Audio announces the worldwide release of its BBC Licensed LS5/8 Grade One monitor loudspeaker. Designed in conjunction with Derek Hughes and Volt loudspeakers the high resolution two way passive loudspeaker features a bespoke 12 inch bass/mid unit and legendary Audax tweeter matched to a handcrafted crossover […]

Chartwell LS3/5 BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker

Chartwell LS3/5 BBC Licensed Monitor Loudspeaker  Graham Audio has purchased the CHARTWELL and SWISSTONE Companies. The famous Chartwell brand were historically regarded as the finest builders of the BBC LS3/5A speakers and their products are the most sort after of all the licensees who built the brilliant LS3/5A Graham Audio is manufacturing the most famous of all […]